Sight-Seeing in Seaside, Oregon
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Hotel Blogs - Inn At Seaside

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Sight-Seeing in Seaside, Oregon

October 15, 2018
Category: Things To Do

Seaside, Oregon is a beautiful city located on the coast of Oregon that is known for being full of beautiful sights and awestriking landmarks. While offering a gorgeous view of the ocean and an even grander sight of the numerous nature preserves surrounding the city, it can be difficult to decide how to spend your time in Seaside, Oregon. Listed below is our recommendation on what sights to see first for those vacationing in this wonderful city for the first time.

About Seaside, Oregon
Saddle Mountain is one of the more memorable landmarks in all of Oregon. This mountain is, in fact, the tallest mountain in Clatsop County. Standing at over 2000 feet at an elevation of over 3000 feet, this mountain has been acclaimed for nearly two centuries, as it was mentioned in the works of Lewis and Clarke during their exhibitions. The Saddle Mountain Trail is a well-known hiking trail on the mountain which takes its guests to the mountain’s second tallest peak and is an experience of the terrain that is highly recommended by all who frequent the area.

Now, for those in search for a scenic experience of the coastline, a trip to Cannon Beach is certainly warranted. Cannon Beach is located near Haystack Hill State Park and is renowned for being a gorgeous beach that is filled with a quiet area of relaxation and easy terrain to cross. This beach is located within the vicinity of many art galleries and even provides an excellent view of Haystack Rock. Haystack Rock is a beautiful natural rock formation that stands at a staggering 235 feet tall and is a wonderful spectacle for photographic purposes.

The Lee Wooden Fishhawk Falls County Park, the last attraction on our list of gorgeous attractions, includes 55 acres of inland forest that astounds all who frequent it. Being full of a number of trails, boating opportunities, and natural waterfalls, this park is the place to visit for those in search for a day of entertaining activities. As this park is full of a plethora of wildlife and a wide range of foliage, there is always something new or exciting to see. More information on this park can be found here.

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