Paraglide on Sunset Beach
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Hotel Blogs - Inn At Seaside

Hotel Blogs - Inn At Seaside

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Paraglide on Sunset Beach

July 15, 2018
Category: Seaside Attractions

Seaside, Oregon is known for being a fabulous coastal city to vacation, especially if you’re in search of a gorgeous beach to frequent. Famous for its exciting attractions and scenic landmarks, Seaside, Oregon provides an endless arrangement of things to do, and sites to visit. One of the more popular activities that many partake in while visiting this city is paragliding, a sport which is provided to you by the company Discover Paragliding.

About Discover Paragliding

Discover Paragliding is located in the Sunset Beach Recreation Site, and is renowned for providing all of their guests with the whimsical experience of flight. There is no better place to take to the skies than over the coastline, and Discover Paragliding offers tandem paragliding that grants its guests with a spectacular view of the shoreline that expands over 60-miles in every direction. You’ll even be granted the ability to view the top of the Cascade Volcanoes, which is an opportunity you won’t find anywhere else. Discover Paragliding even offers programs to allow you to learn to fly solo, or how to use powered paragliders.

The company of Discover Paragliding is known for providing its guests with master gliding trainers, ensuring that each gliding experience is as safe and comfortable as it can possibly be. In addition to this, Discover Paragliding has a history of its own that is certain to make your experience here profound. With over 20-years of history, this establishment has made a genuine impression on the area and is likely to do the same to you. For more information on how to arrange your paragliding experience, search here.

Some nearby eateries surrounding the Discover Paragliding include Port Light Cafe, Nisa’s Thai Kitchen, Dooger’s Seafood and Grill, and many more. From a casual cafe meal, to Thai Food, or even seafood, there are plenty of dining opportunities to complement your paragliding experience at Discover Paragliding.

Discover Paragliding, and many of these eateries are located near the Inn at Seaside. This inn offers impressive guest amenities and friendly staffing, making the Inn at Seaside the ideal place to stay while in the area. For more information on the Inn at Seaside, search here.

Stay at Inn at Seaside

While paragliding on Sunset Beach, enjoy your stay at the Inn at Seaside. Located conveniently within 8.9-miles of the inn, the Inn at Seaside offers the best rates when you book directly at: