Hangout at Indian Beach In Seaside
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Hotel Blogs - Inn At Seaside

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Hangout at Indian Beach In Seaside

March 25, 2018
Category: Seaside Attractions

Indian Beach, located on Ecola State Park Road, is a scenic place to visit. The Ecola State Park runs along 9 miles of coastline, including Indian Beach. Indian Beach is known for providing an excellent place for surf, tidepooling, picnicking, and much more. The tide pools in Indian Beach are always known for being filled with life and color, and covered in starfish. They provide a beautiful sight, and the journey to the beach is a fun and educational trek.

About Indian Beach in Seaside

Nested between Seaside and Cannon Beach, the Ecola State Park is determined to preserve the history of the area while providing those visiting with many activities. There are a number of biking and hiking trails, and 382 miles of coastline to explore. Camping is allowed within the park. There are lot of tide pools located on the shore, and the beaches are open to surfing, fishing, and whale watching. Dogs are allowed on beaches except in portions where Avian nesting zones are located. Daily parking permits are $5 a day, $30 for 12-month parking, or $50 for 2 years. Or you can receive a free 12-month parking permit if you become a member of the Oregon State Parks Foundation.

There are many trails available to the public who wish to explore Ecola State Park. Some of these trails include: the Cape Lookout Trail, Humbug Mountain Trail, and the Oregon Coast Trail. These trails, ranging from only 2.4 miles (The Cape Lookout Trail) to 344 miles (The Oregon Coast Trail), are a part of the scenic trails offered by the park. They promise a beautiful view while ensuring an educational time exploring Ecola State Park. The Park also offers a considerable amount of regional trails, some of which include: the 40 Mile Loop Trail, Willow Creek Canyon Trail, and the Bear Creek Greenway Trail.

The terrain of these trails varies considerably from trail to trail. Some trails are limited exclusively to hiking alone, while others are opening to biking and horseback riding as well. Trails like the Cape Lookout Trail will lead you through the foliage of the forest, on relatively sturdy and flat ground. The Humbug Mountain Trail will take you up over 1,756 feet over a mountain, starting at sea level and ascending, before descending over the mountain to the other side. The Oregon Coast Trail will take you along the coastline, but through several portions where the terrain may become more rocky and unsteady. More about the trails and their terrain can be found >here.

Stay at Inn at Seaside

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