Family Friendly Places to Visit in Seaside, OR
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Hotel Blogs - Inn At Seaside

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Family Friendly Places to Visit in Seaside, OR

February 15, 2018
Category: Things To Do

What good is a beach town or a seaside resort if there aren’t enough attractions for families or activities for kids? There is no shortage of places on the planet where you can plan a romantic getaway, exotic locations where you can flee to and be a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Such places are usually expensive, but they are also that rare break people need once in a few years. For the usual holidays, people love the type of coastal sanctuary assured by Seaside in Oregon. Seaside is treasured by families residing all over Oregon and in Washington, Idaho, Nevada, and California. One of the primary reasons for that is the plethora of family-friendly places to visit in Seaside.

Family Friendly Places to Visit in Seaside, OR

The most frequented place in Seaside, especially among families with kids, is the aquarium. Officially known as Seaside Aquarium, it is one of the fascinating places on the coast of Oregon for kids and even for adults who have not been up close to the myriad of marine wonders. If the live exhibits and several marine species don’t intrigue your family, then the simple activity of feeding the seals will be enough to thrill them. You don’t need to plan a day trip or a separate tour to explore the aquarium. You will be at the promenade exploring everything it has to offer.

Seaside is brimming with beachfront activities. You can set sail, and you may spot a few gray whales as they migrate northward or southward depending on when you are traveling. These special experiences are complemented by the otherwise humble carnival rides. There is mini golf if your kids are interested. From air hockey to video games, there are many options for your kids to have a perfectly safe and satisfying time. You should try your hands at kite flying when you are at Seaside.

Ditch the car and rent a bike or a scooter. You can take a surrey if you have four or six members in your family. The bike rides would give you a nice workout, and your kids will have a memory they would cherish forever. Then there are the various types of water sports if you are game for any. Try paddle boating, take a kayak out or a canoe. Explore Tillamook Head National Recreation Trail and don’t forget to check out the Tillamook Rock Light and Ecola State Park.

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