Jan 01

Our Taffy Story: The Sweet Treat Program

taffy story for blog  Our Taffy Story: The Sweet Treat Program


Introduced to Seaside Lodging LLC in 2010, the Sweet Treat campaign is a taffy sales program to raise funds for Distressed Children International. DCI helps support underprivileged children and families living in extreme poverty with education, childcare and medical needs.

Half-pound bags of taffy are sold in the hotel lobby and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the charity. Each child needs $200 a year in financial support, and the taffy sales have been helping 40-50 kids a year.

“The kids are receiving love and nurture rather than just a place to stay. They’re loved, they know the culture, learning music and all the things that kids should (or are suppose to) get to have a happy and fulfilling life.” said Masudur Khan, Managing Director of Seaside Lodging after returning from his visit from the orphanage.

636159550165005197 KSS 00276 Sumi1 300x214  Our Taffy Story: The Sweet Treat Program

Drawing from child in the DCI orphanage

The Sweet Treat program was first implemented at the Inn at Seaside and now has been successful enrolled in their other 3 other locations; the City Center Motel, Coast River Inn and River Inn at Seaside.

Along with the program they’ve added in-room inserts promoting the program and in-room donation flyers to raise awareness on DCI and sponsoring opportunities.


DCI’s mission is to protect the rights of children, stop child labor, and help families lift themselves out of poverty through education, healthcare, vision care, and income generating opportunities. DCI envisions a society where underprivileged children have equal access to opportunities for a secure and prosperous life. We look forward to the day in which child labor and trafficking will be eliminated globally.

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Nov 15

If you are a food lover, as some would call a “foodie” or “gourmet”, it is certainly a great pleasure trying out different tasty delicacies. Here are some of the top restaurants in Seaside, Oregon where you can try out some of the most amazing pastries, dishes and a variety of delicacies in the coastal city.

Explore These Restaurants in Seaside Oregon

Angelina’s Pizzeria & Café is a nice casual venue located at 300 S. Roosevelt Dr. Seaside, OR, USA. Angelina’s is where you can get some really tasty New York style pizza. The culinary team at this café makes everything from scratch including their pizza dough and focaccia bread, giving their pies such great taste and freshness. Their menu includes an array of different kinds of pizzas along with sandwiches, salads, calzones that will surely tickle your taste buds.

Bagels by the Sea is another suggested place to stop by for a bite. Situated in an old bank building at 210 S Holladay Dr., Bagels by the Sea is an astonishing café with a homey and comfortable atmosphere. Just as the name sounds, they specialize in bagels baked fresh every day offering a wide range of choices, ranging from sesame, garlic, bagels with bacon and cheddar, tomato herb and lots of other exciting chic style bagels. They also have numerous spreads available, including strawberry, plain cream cheese, mild green chile to mention just a few.

More so, there is also The Firehouse Grill, established in 2012. Firehouse Grill is a family friendly venue so you can go on and taste great food with the whole family. Firehouse Grill is known to be the customer’s delight with its home-style breakfast and lunch. Dinner is usually served at the Firehouse Grill on Friday and Saturday nights. There are various enticing options for breakfast including freshly made grilled biscuit, sausage gravy, eggs and grilled potatoes, meatloaf scramble etc. For lunch, there are a variety of fish items, sandwiches, and burgers. There are countless of other restaurants to explore the city. Inn at Seaside offers a central location and is walking distance to many of the culinary treats offered in Downtown Seaside.

Inn at Seaside

Inn at Seaside is a perfect place to stay if you are visiting Seaside, Oregon. Our hotel offers you comfort and great hospitality at affordable rates. Our hotel is happy to welcome guests, making sure they enjoy a pleasant lodging experience. The guest rooms at Inn at Seaside are spacious and well decorated, with exceptional amenities for your use throughout your stay. You can book your accommodations here with us directly at https://www.innatseaside.com/

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Nov 07

Seaside is a coastal Oregon city in Clatsop County located some 79 miles from Portland.  Seaside has a history that is storied and well documented. The Clatsop, a historic Native American tribe, originally inhabited the surrounding area that comprises modern day Seaside. The modern history of Seaside, however, begins with the terminus of the Lewis & Clark Expedition.  A group of pioneers from the storied expedition built a salt-making cairn in 1806 at the site of today’s Seaside.

The first settlers to the area began arriving in the 1850s coinciding with much of the Gold Rush. In the 1870s, Ben Holladay, a Portland land developer and railroad builder, built a luxury hotel named the Seaside House that in turn led to the naming of town.  The city was incorporated in February of 1899 as the coastal resort area became settled.  Seaside became Oregon’s first beach resort community.  The introduction of the railroad and highways led to a logging boom in the region.

In 1912, Alexandre Gilbert was elected mayor and drove much of the vision and planning of today’s municipality. Being a real estate developer, Gilbert built a beach cottage, which still survives today. Gilbert also donated the 1.5-mile tract of land that is now the Promenade.  The Prom, as it is well known, is a signature attraction in Seaside, which is popular with people walking, jogging, roller blading or simply meandering from the park to the shore.

In 1914, the natatorium, an indoor saltwater pool, was completed on the beachfront.  The Seaside Aquarium opened in 1937 in the building that was once the natatorium and has now been greeting guests for 75 years.

Where to stay in Seaside?

Seaside, first visited by Lewis & Clark over 150 years ago, has evolved into Oregon’s pre-eminent beachside resort. When visiting Seaside, we recommend you book your stay at the Inn at Seaside.  The Inn at Seaside is located in the heart of the action and is adjacent to the Seaside Convention Center.  Book your stay today at: https://www.innatseaside.com/

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Oct 31

Inn at Seaside gets a new logo

It’s been more than 10 years…

Inn at Seaside is going to look different, thanks to the renovation and new logo that has been in dire need of re-branding.

Here’s a look at the new logo:

inn at seaside logo black 2017 300x181 Inn at Seaside gets a new logo

The new logo was developed to work hand-in-hand with the hotel’s new motif.

It’s based on an abstracted version of the carpeting design: essentially a two-color “outline” pattern. You find this pattern being installed in the pool and both hotel entrances.

Here’s what the previous logo looked like before:

highest res iass logo color 289x300 Inn at Seaside gets a new logo


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Oct 19

under reno blog post THE EXCITEMENT IS BUILDING!


SEASIDE, Ore. – October 19th, 2017 – Seaside Lodging LLC has started renovation on the Inn at Seaside this week. The Inn at Seaside was the first property acquired by Seaside Lodging in 2009.

The half-million dollar renovation will include: a fully remodeled lobby, updated business center, renovated breakfast room, refreshed building exterior/corridors, and new signage to launch a re-branding. In addition, the guest rooms will be updated with new flooring, fresh paint, contemporary furnishings, for an updated clean aesthetic. The property will be highlighted with a “funky fresh” attitude and expressive color compositions.

“You’ll see a lot of instances where there’s clashing colors and patterns that don’t make sense together, but it creates a really good energy for the space,” said Jim Staicoff, interior designer from Staicoff Design. “This is where 80’s hip-hop meets influential Italian design studio, The Memphis Group.” This design will appear both to family-friendly and young hip markets while offering guests a strong sense of community.

“We’ve already made significant improvements over the last years. Our focus is to enhance the guest experience in all areas of the hotel and stay current with lodging trends,” said Masudur Khan, Managing Director of Seaside Lodging. “We are targeting to be completed by early next year and we’re confident that our guests will enjoy the new look.”

20171017 1046122 300x225 THE EXCITEMENT IS BUILDING!

The hotel will remain open throughout the renovation. The breakfast room and lobby have been temporary relocated to suites on the bottom floor.

The 48- room property is located in the heart of Seaside, directly across the street from the Convention Center and two blocks from the beach. The hotel offers complimentary breakfast, an indoor pool, on-site fire pit and complimentary bike rentals.

About: Seaside Lodgings is a hospitality company primarily engaged in the management and ownership of upscale, mid-scale and economy hotels. Established in 2009 with the Inn at Seaside, the company currently owns and manages four properties all located in Seaside, OR.


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Oct 15

Seaside and the Oregon Coast offer unique experiences throughout the year.  The Summer is definitely the peak season in Seaside, Oregon and generates the biggest crowds aiming to take advantage of the dry, sunny weather.  The off-peak seasons of Spring and Fall offer respite from pricy hotel rates and the crowds while providing ample opportunity to explore the best of Seaside.

It is recommended that visitors to Seaside pack and dress in layers regardless the season so you can be prepared for whatever Mother Natures throws at you.  Being on the Pacific Coast can lead to unpredictable weather events, fog and windy conditions.

Let’s explore the seasons in Seaside, Oregon:


The Spring in Seaside brings a plethora of colors and wildlife with the emergence of the spring bloom.  You will find a variety of wildflowers blooming throughout the region providing colorful photo opportunities. April and May are also a key birding time with many migratory seabirds making their migration north.  If you are an avid birdwatcher, Seaside is the place to be in Spring. Average temperatures range from 38-61 F


Summer in Seaside, OR is the busiest time of the year.  With temperatures ranging from 49-68 F and sunnier weather with minimal precipitation, Summer in Seaside is when visitors are fully engaged in outdoor activities and special events.  Outdoor activities like ­water sports, biking, ­hiking and volleyball are popular. Seaside is host to the annual Beach Volleyball Tournament during the summer along with several summer festivals and events including the annual Fourth of July fireworks show.


The Fall season in Seaside leads to cooler days and the weather can get more blustery with occasional Pacific storms sweeping through. The Fall offers perfect conditions for beach kite flying.  The Fall is a great bird watching time as migratory birds pass through Seaside.


The Winter is the quietest time of the year in Seaside, Oregon and offers great deals on hotels.  Usual mild winters make Seaside an accessible place for a winter excursion and is a perfect time of year to settle in indoors and enjoy a romantic weekend. Winter in Seaside also is peak whale watching time as thousands of Grey Whales head north to their breeding grounds.  Winter does bring considerable rain to the Oregon coast so check the forecast before arrival.

Finding a Top-Ranked Hotel in Seaside, OR

Whatever the season, The Inn at Seaside offers the best rates and top-ranked accommodations in Seaside, Oregon. Inn at Seaside offers 48 cheerful guest rooms and suites and a central location right off the Promenade. Book your stay today and explore Seaside, Oregon at: https://www.innatseaside.com

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Sep 15

As the mighty gray whales migrate south during winters and swim back north during spring, the already brimming Seaside, Oregon is further enthused with people flocking to their favorite whale watching sites to marvel at the wondrous creatures of the sea. The entire coast of Oregon is a haven for whale watching. There are of course some sites wherefrom you can have more lucid views and a few get you really close to the action. Depoe Bay with its Whale Watching Center has emerged as the most popular whale watching destination over the years. There is a Whale, Sea Life and Shark Museum as well. Around thirty miles north of Depoe Bay is Cape Kiwanda with its sandy recreation areas and rugged sandstone terrain. Other popular sites for whale watching along the coast of Oregon are Cape Perpetua, Sea Lion Caves and Cape Ferrelo.

Whale Watching at Ecola State Park

If you are wondering where to go in or near Seaside to spot a migrating pod of whales then the answer is Ecola State Park. You can compare Ecola State Park with all the aforementioned whale watching sites and you would find it the most beautiful, welcoming and visually satsifying. Ecola State Park is a surefire place wherefrom you will get to spot the slow swimming whales. They take a good while to pass so you can get photos, have a good look as they swim by and you can also plan a picnic or a spree of fun activities as you spend the day at Ecola State Park.  

Ecola State Park is integrated with the Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Park. It is located at 84318 Ecola Park Road in Cannon Beach, around eight miles south of downtown Seaside. The drive on the US 101, also known as Oregon Coast Highway, is a treat in itself. Ecola State Park has some indelibly picturesque views, there are hiking trails and you can even check out Tillamook Head and its iconic lighthouse. Whale watching is not the only activity here as many people hike and many tourists as well as locals spend a good few hours playing beach activities and picnicking. You should explore the capes, cliffs, coves and seascapes of this rugged stretch of coastline.

Stay at Inn at Seaside

Ecola State Park is just over eight miles from Inn at Seaside. It is one of the finest hotels in Seaside, yet you would be astonished by the reasonable rates. There are special group rates and you will get the best deal when you reserve your accommodation directly with Inn at Seaside at our website: www.innatseaside.com

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Sep 01

Broadway Street is an arterial road in Seaside, Oregon. One may argue it is the main street. What is beyond dispute is the fact that it is the most important street connecting the beach to the rest of Seaside across the Necanicum Estuary. Broadway Street connects the Promenade with Hilltop Drive and it is a hub for shopping, dining, recreation and entertainment. Broadway Street has a significant history too. It has been pivotal to the transformation of the resort city for more than half a century.

About Retro Mural on Broadway, Seaside, Oregon

When in Seaside, you have to indulge in a stroll on Broadway Street. The street is dotted with numerous shops and restaurants. Some of the unique features are the retro murals. Right from the turnaround all the way to Hilltop Drive, the most striking visual would be of the retro murals that can almost teleport you back in time to the sixties. Take a break from the arcade games and shopping for the perfect souvenirs, hop out of the Carousel Mall and off the bumper cars to take a dive into the historical Seaside.

Broadway Retro reminisces the good old days when Seaside was not as popular as a resort city as it is today. It was a different time when the street was decked out with retro signage inducing a completely different cultural vibe, the signs were often embellished with block lettering, the neon advertising with blends of acrylic color exuded a jubilant flavor and the spirit of the people was almost infectious. The sixties may not be relevant anymore and the same cultural sensibilities or vibe do not exist but you can marvel at the retro murals on the buildings. Some of the shops on Broadway Street date back to the sixties and you can tell. If not, just ask. Dooger’s may have taken up the space of William’s Café, Catherine’s Garden has been replaced by Dundee’s Bar and Grill, but Pig ‘N Pancake is still around and so are a few others.

Stay at Inn at Seaside

A holiday is incomplete if you don’t explore the unique history of the place. The Broadway retro mural offers just that for you in Seaside. It is barely three hundred meters from Inn at Seaside. Stay in one of our well appointed rooms in Inn at Seaside, a stone throw away from the Promenade. Book your accommodations directly on the Inn at Seaside website to get the best rates online.

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Aug 01

Seaside is a paradise in many ways. There are serene idyllic places where you can spend hours without anyone or anything distracting you even for a moment. Once you are satiated with blissful solitude, you could get back to the bustling shopping and dining scene at the Promenade, you could check out the aquarium or catch a movie, you could attend one of the many events or you could head for the Sunset Empire Park & Recreation District. There is never a dull day in Seaside and September wouldn’t be an uninteresting month.

September 2017 Events Calendar

On 2nd of September you could attend Treasure the Beach Cleanup at 60 N Promenade. It is a recurring event so you can attend it if you are traveling sometime later in the year. The event starts at 9 a.m. and is free for all. The event is usually organized on the first Saturday of most months.

The same day you could attend the First Saturday Art Walk. It is at 5 p.m. so you can participate in the cleanup after enjoying the sunrise and a hearty breakfast, then check out some of the other attractions in the city and get to 612 Broadway in the evening for the Art Walk. It is a free event in its thirteenth year and will bring together a fine blend of live music, art galleries, original artworks, interactions with artists, exclusive art demonstrations, pleasing snacks and wine. There is complimentary parking at Holladay and Oceanway.

The next day you could attend the Astoria Sunday Market. This is a recurring affair for most people living in and around the city. Tourists frequent this place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in downtown Astoria for the lively scene of music and food. Astoria Sunday Market is a gastronomical paradise. If you don’t want to drive to Astoria, you can attend Seaside Farmer’s Market on 6th of September. Head to Broadway Middle School on 1120 Broadway Street at 3 p.m.

There are many things to do in Seaside for everyone, regardless of age and personal preference. There are weekly senior activities at the Bob Chisholm Community Center. You could attend one of these recurring events on 4th of September at 1225 Ave A for a nominal fee of $1 to $5.

Book Your Accommodation at Inn at Seaside

Inn at Seaside is close to all major attractions in Seaside. It is a reasonably priced comfortable hotel with well-appointed rooms and all facilities you would want for a comfortable stay.

Book your accommodation directly at the hotel to get the best rates at: http://www.innatseaside.com/

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Aug 01

There are four noteworthy golf courses in and near Seaside in Oregon. Seaside Golf Club is the closest to the promenade, Gearhart Golf Links is less than four miles, Highlands Golf Club is around five miles and Astoria Golf & Country Club is a little less than nine miles. All these are very much within driving distance. Guests of Inn at Seaside can practically walk south to Seaside Golf Club. All these four golf courses have their share of strengths and weaknesses. Let us briefly explore the golf courses.

Seaside Oregon Golf Courses

Seaside Golf Course is located at 451 Ave U. There is a 9-hole course. The public course dates back to 1923. H. Chandler Egan designed the course spanning 2593 yards with 104 slope rating. The course is open throughout the year. There are no tee times as such since it is a public facility. Test your skills at the fescue fairways on Bermuda grass. There is a pro in house. You will get rental carts and clubs. Green fees on weekdays are usually $15 to $31 and on weekends you would pay $17 to $33. Metal spikes are not allowed on the course. There is no stringent dress code as such.

Gearhart Golf Links is known for its fast grounds, the 18-hole course is comfortable to tread and is always in impeccable condition. There are great views, ample shade, spectacular mountainous backdrop and the course is open to members as well as nonmembers. You could partake in a tournament at the Gearhart Course if there is one when you are in the city.

Highlands Golf Club is located at 33260 Highlands Lane. The 9-hole course can be played for $19 and the 18-hole course is available for $34. There are early bird specials discounting the price of the latter to $19. You can rent pushcarts, rental clubs and signup for golf lessons. Astoria Golf and Country Club is on 33445 Sunset Beach Lane. It is actually in Warrenton, OR. The course is only open to members so it may not be of much use for tourists.

Book Inn at Seaside for Golfing in Seaside, OR

Golfing is one of the top things to do in Seaside given the weather and the settings. Inn at Seaside will not only put you up right off the Promenade but you would be close to all the four golf courses, not to mention the proximity to the aquarium, recreation sites and farmer’s market.

Book your stay today and hit the golf links in Seaside: http://www.innatseaside.com/

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